NBC Core Group minutes

  • NBC Core Group December 4, 2003

    Construction update and countdown plans See minutes.

  • NBC update November 26, 2003

    Construction and NBC planning. See update

  • NBC Core Group October 16, 2003

    Q&A with Park Rec and SFUSD Facilities staff. See minutes

  • NBC Core Group August 28, 2003

    Construction has begun! See minutes

  • More 2003 minutes coming soon.
    Please check back later.

  • NBC Core Group April 3, 2003

    District report on construction and Q&A. See minutes

  • NBC Core Group January 16, 2003

    NBC jobs, moving of children?, Enola Maxwell Tour. Some parents were informed about the move, some were not. All wanted to find another option. Next steps, tour Enola Maxwell, meet with Linda Luevano to find out why/how the district made the decision to move, get community coalition support to find alternatives to moving children. NBC jobs still available see homepage. See minutes

  • NBC Core Group November 26, 2002

    Bessie children to stay on site, please attend School Board meeting Tuesday Dec 10, 7pm. Toxics to be removed over winter break.

  • NBC Core Group October 17, 2002

    Details coming soon.

  • NBC Core Group September 26, 2002

    Possibility of moving children, Save the Library, NBC jobs. see minutes

  • NBC Core Group August 20, 2002

    NBC Community Coalition meeting report, next steps. More details coming soon

NBC Community Coalition minutes

  • NBC Community Coalition August 7, 2002

    Making Demolition happen, press plan. More details coming soon.

  • NBC Community Coalition March 1, 2002

    Formalizing NBC community role. More details coming soon.

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