NBC minutes October 16, 2003

Rich opened the meeting thanking everyone for their participation. 

In attendance:  Patrice Johnson, Rich White, school principal Jeffery Burgos, parents Violeta Narvaez, Joann Luana, Idalia Medina, Huber Herrera; District Project Manager for the new Bessie Carmicheal, Toks Ajike, and The Park and Recreation Project Manager for the new park, Mary Tienkin. 

Minutes submitted by Rich White, edited by Patrice Johnson.  Please contact Rich White (grtwht2@aol.com, 468-4732) or Patrice Johnson (patrice@somacc.org, 820-3508) if you have questions, suggestions, or corrections to the information provided below.


Questions by Jeffrey Burgos re: school planning:

(Rich explained that Jeffery had questions that had not been asked so Jeffrey was given opportunity to ask his questions first).
Jeffrey: I need to plan ahead.  I am new to the district and have been observing.  The upcoming enrollment fair gives opportunity to provide increased enrollment and to plan for next year.  I am unaware of the amount of classrooms and the capacity of the rooms in the new school.  Are they standard and if not, what are the class capacities? 
Toks:  The classrooms are standard as prescribed by the California Education Code.  The new school will have 25 classroom size rooms.  The total capacity of the new school will be 500.
Jeffrey:  I am hearing the new school is wireless.  Have IDT people been involved, and has our present equipment been considered? 
Toks:  I need to look into this to see if IT was involved.  I will look into this.
Jeffrey:  Security, I need to know the measures for security and fences?
Toks briefly described the fencing about the entire school.

General Questions for Toks Ajike and Mary Tienken

What is the status of a school play yard for the 2004-5 school year?  Rich went over the list of alternate and possible recess and lunch time play areas NBC has identified and some of the logistics involved.
Mary:  Bessie kids use the Recreation Center Park, Gene Friend, twice a day.  The Recreation center can accommodate additional children and more time with proper and prior arrangement. 
Jeffery announced that learning time is essential and we cannot extend the lunch time periods.

Is any way at all to use any portion of the old Bessie area or move up the construction date on the portion of the park that will be the new playground?
Mary:  No, the new park construction will begin when the District is completely moved out and surrenders the site.  The Construction will be done all at once.
Is it possible to place Bessie items into storage to start Park construction sooner than August?

Toks talked about the difficulties and problems that moving twice may cause and that the condition of the school belongings could not be guaranteed. 

Summer programs normally held at Bessie  

Jeffrey talked about the two week/ten day Pre School to Kindergarten summer program and will be looking for a new location.  He also mentioned that the Summer Y program run by Linda Grishaver will also need to find a new location.

August 17 is still on!  This is the day we are scheduled to move into the new building.
Is the old Digital Think building used to capacity? 

Toks answered, yes, it is my understanding it is being used to capacity.
What type of courts will be made as part of the Park? 

Mary:  One full basketball court, which will require permit approval for the use of Bessie children.  Mary reported that the park fence will be made tight and locked after dark. 

What is the status of the MOU?

Mary and Toks agreed that the MOU is still not signed but will be.  There are a few issues to be cleared up. 

Will there be a Park Supervisor on staff?  

Mary felt that it would be great  idea to have the park staffed but the park is now losing staff.  The park may not have a Director.  The maintenance of the park will be done by rotating time shift gardeners and custodial personnel. 

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