NBC Meeting Minutes December 04, 2003

In attendance: Idalia Medina, Laura Grishaver, Joann Luana, Adele White, Patrice Johnson, Rich White, Toks Ajike. 

Notes by: Rich White and Patrice Johnson.

Questions, comments, or corrections to this update? Please contact NBC: newbessie@mail.com, or call Rich White (468-4732), or Patrice Johnson (820-3508)


The meeting began with introductions.  The new PTA was discussed by the new president, Idalia Medina. A roster of newly elected officers was presented.  Most new officers have been to NBC meetings or are working group members. 


SFUSD Bessie Project Manager, Toks Ajike, new building update:

There should be nothing to stop the construction and it is on schedule to be completed on time.  The late start on the project required a compressed schedule.  The drilling of the piles was the greatest threat to cause delays but this went well.  The exterior of the building is the next area that may cause delay due to it being a three coat application.  It cannot be done during inclement weather so the exact timeframe is unknown, depending on wind and rain. 
     Building #2 is now 80% erected. 
     Building #1 will have decking started week of Dec. 8
     Still placing underground utilities. 
     Rain has not stopped welding so far (they cannot weld during rain)
     Crews of 15 to 25 are working 8 hr. shifts.
     The surrender of the old Bessie Carmichael to the Park will occur in August.

Questions: Will there be new furniture in the new building?
Toks thought that all the classrooms will have new furniture because usually new furniture is placed in new school buildings.  However, he could not confirm this with certainty.  Details about office furniture and equipment could not be confirmed as of 12/4/03.     


NBC Core Group topics:
NBC logo mugs. Patrice passed out mugs for all of us with the NBC logo.  These were donated to South of Market Child Care from Moscone Center.  Many more cups are available and we made some plans for distribution to school board members, NBC Community Coalition members, and during countdown events.  Patrice also announced that the State of California had starter kit gifts for children from 0 to 2 through First 5.  She gave one to Toks who has a child one year old. 

NBC logo stickers. Rich had extra logo stickers and Toks will be giving them out to the workmen building Bessie to display on their hard hats. 

Our flyer is being finalized and should go to the First California Press soon. 

Thank you letter.  Rich and Patrice drafted a letter that thanks everyone in the school district involved in the progress in building the New Bessie Carmichael.  This will  be sent to the NBC community coalition for approval and revisions and then read at a school board meeting.

Countdown event.  Rich will be coordinating an “NBC” day, which will be a morning Coffee break time for the workmen building the new school on 7th street.  It may also extend into lunch.  We will also pass out our new fliers, have signs, billboards, balloons; we plan to get attention like a picket line only positive.  The tentative dates are Jan 15 or Jan 29.