New Bessie Carmichael Update November 26, 2003

Please contact Rich White (415) 468-4732 or

Patrice Johnson (415) 820-3508,

The New Bessie Carmichael is three separate buildings:
All Purpose Building with Cafeteria and Community Kitchen (bldg. #3), the ground floor Children's Center building with the second floor for Bessie Carmichael (bldg #1), and the main two story classroom building with library, computer lab and ground floor offices (bldg. #2).  

Progress Summary:
7/03  Site posted by Swinerton Builders, no parking and new permit.
7/10  Portable offices were placed
8/01  Site preparation and soil compacting.
8/04  First pile cage delivery
8/07  Survey for drilled piles completed
8/12  Completion of first hole and placement of first pile
9/08  Completion of last drilled pile
9/08  Beginning of grade beam foundation to tie foundation and piers together.
10/20  First pours of grade beam foundations.  Concrete pour is continuous as foundation trenches are ready. 
Week of 11/10  Complete Grade Beam Foundations.
11/03  Begin building above ground building #2  

Future Milestone building events:
Third week of Nov. (Nov 19), above ground erection of steel Bldg #1.
First week of Dec. the decking should begin bldg #2. 

The District has set a move in date of August 17, which is our official count down date.  The move in will be done in phases: for example, the library, teachers rooms, then office.  In the event the new school is not ready to open, but is almost ready, the opening of the new Bessie Carmichael would be delayed, one or two weeks.  School is scheduled to open September 01, 2004

What we are working on:
          Playground area has not been determined for the 2004-5 school year.  Our main focus is now working with the parents to figure out how to have a playground ready as soon as possible and to identify alternate play ground and recess areas if necessary.
          The mini field trip idea was suggested by District officer Roda Parhams.  This worked well as children, by class, viewed the drilling of the holes and placing of the 50 to 60 foot piers into the ground and the back filling with concrete.  We urge all of you to carefully walk your children across the street and view the construction with your children.
          The children's art work, hand made tiles made by Bessie Children under direction of artists, Josef Norris Design, are being located by NBC and we will work with the District and Swinerton Builders to have tiles displayed, placed permanently on the new school.
          We are developing an informational flyer, professionally designed by Niki Borofsky and printed by Joe Bencharsky of the First California Press.
     We are still organizing and arranging a meeting to be held at 135 Van Ness, to include representatives from Swinerton Builders, Kwan Hemni, SFUSD, Recreation and Park Department, the Redevelopment Agency Bessie PTA and NBC to confirm building components, timelines, MOU, and joint project vision.        

NBC Events:
 Events are scheduled to celebrate the fact that this new school, Bessie Carmichael, is being built.  Our last event, "Chevy's Day" was not successful due to being scheduled October 23, when the convention filled the Moscone Center.  We apologize for all who went to Chevy's and were turned away by the long lines.
Our next event may be a New Bessie Day celebrated in front of the NBC on 7th Street in the morning, with banners, new flyers, and stickers.  Coffee and food would be provided by NBC for all participants and for the working crews on the job site.  Details to be discussed at the next NBC meeting:

Thursday December 4, 2003.  6-7pm in the Bessie Carmichael Library.  (5:30 - 6:00, drinks and food).  Child care provided.  (November 20 meeting was postponed due to PTA schedule).  Third Thursday meetings will resume in Jan 2004.

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