New Bessie Carmichael meeting notes September 26, 2002

Attending: Laura Grishaver (YMCA), Marisa Manalang, Lorna Anicete, Chris Breen (SFPD), Rich White, John Ignacio, Bobbie Washington, Wendy Corr.
Recorded by: Patrice Johnson. Please contact Patrice at 820-3508, with questions, comments, or corrections to the minutes.

Moving School Children in year 2003-4 Parents and teachers agreed that any alternative would be better than closing Bessie and redistributing children for one full year. Ideas included having Park and Rec complete field space for children to use for a playground on half of the site and then complete the rest of the park, increase use of alternative play spaces such as SOMA Rec or FEC site, develop alternative phys ed program, use area buildings (SFUSD has leased old Digital Think building), for temporary classrooms during completion of school and park, stagger school daily schedule or school year, shuttle to a full play area, speed park construction.

Save the Library Committee At NBC’s September meeting a suggestion came up to save the library bungalow to show the history of Bessie Carmichael. Though Park and Rec is planning mostly an open space park one building was needed for an office, play equipment storage, and bathrooms. Rich White looked in to this and drafted a letter to Park Rec and SOMA neighborhood organizations. The building does not qualify for historical preservation on historical merits. It is up to Park and Rec and the SOMA community to decide if this can be a useful addition to the park plan.

NBC minutes September 26, 2002

Rec Park Design meetings Rec and Park is holding two meetings to receive further community input regarding the design of the park. Wednesdays Oct 2 and Nov 6 from 6-8pm. Child Care provided.

Koshland 20th Anniversary An NBC display will be part of the anniversary re-creation of SOMA September 28th 11am-4pm at San Francisco Concourse 620 7th St. at Brannan. Volunteers welcome.

Meeting Schedule: Third Thursdays Oct 17th and Nov 21st 5-6pm in Bessie Library

NBC planning for 2003-4
Feedback from August 27, 2002
Children need more comfortable accommodations, more time to prepare, and more chances to participate next time. Recognition for parents and staff who have worked for many years on the project should be included. The ceremony was successful in including public officials responsible for building the school.
Countdown Events
NBC will coordinate events to celebrate milestones. Next event will most likely be a Groundbreaking Ceremony to celebrate when demolition is complete and the actual school foundation goes in, winter or spring 2003.
Parent Assistant(s), tasks: coordination, translation, sch bd meetings.
SVP contributed $4000 to NBC to pay for Parent Assistant salary, and supplies. Applications accepted now through November 2002.

Report from Tony Irons:

Note: normally Tony Irons gives a report at the beginning of the NBC meeting. He was unable to attend on September 26th. The following notes are a result of information from a follow up call made by Patrice Johnson. Tony Irons did commit to attending Thursday October 17 and Thursday Nov 21st meetings at Bessie.

Toxics removal
A new law was passed by the state requiring toxic substance control surveys before removal of toxic waste from construction sites. This means a one-month delay in preparation of the site. However the project should still be finished on time because the district would have had to wait until the school is closed in December break to remove soils anyway. The air will not be toxic, but dust may aggravate asthma in children.

Moving of children in 2003-4
Arrangements for children to stay will be complicated because SFUSD and Rec Park schedule are closely tied together at the moment to ensure full completion of school and playground by September 2004. However, another solution may be possible. SFUSD realizes that moving children out of school for a year can be detrimental and will continue to work with NBC to reach an adequate solution. A solution may include moving all Bessie children together to a different site. Tony will consult with Superintendent Ackerman before the October 17 meeting when discussion will continue. Part of the reason SFUSD had planned to move children was extended time needed for park construction (now 1 year according to SFUSD; NBC had previously been told 6 months by Rec Park).

SFUSD and Rec Park have agreed on exclusive use of the playground for children during school hours. The agreement included provisions to revise the park layout is a middle school opens in SOMA in the future.

SFUSD is considering a proposal from SFRA (Redevelopment Agency) to receive $5 million towards the building of the New Bessie Carmichael for sale of the Filipino Education Center site. The proposal will be introduced at the Building and Grounds committee Thursday Oct 10, 2002.

Digital Think building
SFUSD has not purchased the Digital Think building, but is currently leasing it.

At present the plan has limited parking spaces for school use.
Tony Irons met with residents who were concerned about parking problems and has written a letter on behalf of SFUSD to city departments making recommendations for traffic flow, and white zone arrangements.

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