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New Bessie Carmichael is a group of parents, teachers, and community members dedicated to getting a quality new school built as soon as possible that best serves the needs and interests of the South of Market neighborhood.

The most recent plan from SFUSD is a new school
ready for occupancy in fall 2004
across Sherman street from the current site.

Current address: 55 Sherman Street.
Future address: 375 7th Street.

Breaking news:
see 150 days event photos

Next NBC Meetings:
Thursday April 22 (school closed April 15)
Thursday May 20

Bessie Carmichael Library 6-7pm.
Informal food and drinks 5:30-6pm.

NBC meets regularly third Thursdays 6-7pm.

see minutes from nbc meeting 3-18-04

Please send email to nbc@buildbessie.org if you have general questions about the new Bessie Carmichael project, corrections to the information presented on this website, or ideas that will help make the New Bessie Carmichael School a reality soon. You may also call NBC Coordinator: Rich White (468-4732).


can help make the new Bessie Carmichael a reality.
Email your elected officials and staff members in charge of completing the new school, and tell them that you want the
new Bessie Built now!:

Board of Education Members
Jill Wynns President
Dan Kelly Vice-President
Eric Mar
Mark Sanchez
Eddie Chin
Heather Hiles
Sarah Lipson

School Board Secretary:
Esther Casco

Phone: 241-6493
Mail: 555 Franklin Street
Room 106
San Francisco CA 94102

Arlene Ackerman Superintendent
Linda Luevano Superintendent of Elementary Schools
Tony Irons Chief Operating Officer and Facilities Dept. Head

Mayor Willie Brown

Park and Rec Staff
Elizabeth Goldstein General Mgr.
Mary Tienken SOMA Park

Board of Supervisors
District 6 Chris Daly
District 1 Jake McGoldrick
District 2 Gavin Newsom
District 3 Aaron Peskin
District 4 Fiona Ma
District 5 Matt Gonzalez
District 7 Tony Hall
District 8 Bevan Dufty
District 9 Tom Ammiano
District 10 Sophie Maxwell
District 11 Gerardo Sandoval

Redevelopment Staff
Marcia Rosen Executive Director
Bill Carney South of Market
Michelle Ponce Bessie Carmichael
Phone: 749-2400
Mail: San Francisco Redevelopment Agency
770 Golden Gate Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102

Read more details in

community summary of 1999-2002

a pre-NBC community summary

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What is NBC?

to get to NBC archives of meeting minutes, documents, and a list of community members and organizations involved.

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Who was Bessie Carmichael?

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  • August 12, 2003: Construction begins!

After almost one year of site preparation (including demolition work and soil cleansing), and 20+ years of community efforts, the first pieces of the foundation of the New Bessie Carmichael were lowered into the ground.

  • November 22, 2002: Update on moving children

    Facilities department will recommend keeping children at Bessie Carmichael. The School Board will make a decision regarding contract approval and construction schedule at the Tuesday December 10, 2002 School Board meeting. 555 Franklin at Mac Allister, Board Room, 7pm. Call Esther Casco to be put on the speakers list to share your thoughts on the importance of the current location for Bessie Carmichael children, staff, and community.

  • October 2002: SFUSD may redistribute Bessie children for the entire 2003-4 school year.

    NBC is working hard to find a solution that keeps Bessie students together in the neighborhood. You can help by sending email to School board members and staff regarding the importance of continuity for elementary school children, especially in schools with high percentages of at-risk children.

  • October 2002: Social Venture Partners lend a hand.

    NBC is accepting applications for Parent Assistant positions, thanks to a grant from SVP for $4000. SVP continues to be involved in the new school process and other projects in SOMA www.svpbayarea.org.
    See job descriptions: Parent Assistant (Deadline Dec 15, 2002), Translators (Deadline Jan 31, 2003).

  • August 28, 2002: The School District and City host a ceremony at Bessie Carmichael before demolition begins.

    Special guests included: Mayor Willie Brown; Superintendent Arlene Ackerman; School Board Members Jill Wynns, Eddie Chin, Emilio Cruz, Danny Guillory, Dan Kelly, Eric Mar, Mark Sanchez; District 6 Supervisor Chris Daly. Take the Photo Gallery link to see the buildings on the land for the new Bessie leveled.

  • NBC Community Coalition members:

    • Bessie Carmichael/ Filipino Education Center PTA

    • Coleman Advocates

    • Embarcadero YMCA

    • Filipino-American Development Foundation

    • International Institute of San Francisco

    • Mercy Charities

    • Oasis For Girls

    • Senior Power

    • Serving Our Youth And Community

    • Social Venture Partners

    • SOM Project Area Committee

    • South of Market Child Care

    • South of Market Community Action Network

    • South of Market Health Center

    • South of Market Leadership Council

    • South of Market Employment Center

    • Tenant & Owners Development Corporation

    • United Pilipino Organizing Network

    • Veterans Equity Center

    • West Bay Pilipino Multi-services

    • Yerba Buena Alliance

    • Zeum

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