NBC Meeting March 18, 2004

The meeting Began as members present, Jeffery Burgos, Joann Luong, Huber Herrera, Patrice Johnson, Violeta Narvaez, Bobbie Washington, Idalia Medina, Elvira Ebalo, Judy Carman, and Rich White agreed that introductions were not necessary.  

Rich began with an update and answers to the question asked by parents and teachers:  All the classrooms will have sinks.  There is no answer yet to the HVC controls for thermostat and air conditioning.  The number of parking spaces has been identified but cannot be released until it is signed off by DPT.  The new equipment as well as furnishings was discussed as it keeps looking better for the new school as it appears that more new, mixed with some used equipment, will be furnished.  A few questions were asked to pass on to the District; The moving, will teachers and staff be involved or will it be, “Stand back”.  Can teachers and staff identify items they wish to save and have moved and what procedure should be used? 

Rich briefly described the building: The slab will be poured in Bldg. 1 and bldg. 2 as soon as underground utilities have been completed. Work underground continues in the AP building. The walls are being erected and the stucco walls should be completed in May. Jeffery brought up conversation he had with District Project Manager, Toks Ajike, that it is possible the move date may be pushed back from the 17th to the 24th.  This has always been a possibility as the new school must be ready and safe for the children.  The district has also reserved the fact that pick up work may remain in the buildings after the start of school and that it is possible work may be performed on weekends.

Rich brought up that the idea of a “Bessie Carmichael closing ceremony” had been suggested.  The idea includes inviting alumni and all past principals.  It was decided that this will be a PTA and school event supported by NBC. 

“NBC Spring Thing”.  The date has been set to celebrate a mile stone as we will have an event on Seventh Street, in front the construction site, Friday, April 02 from 8AM to 11AM.  Coffee, juice, soda or water will be given (in our NBC mugs) free to the workmen along with pastries and baked goods made potluck.  Donuts will also be served.  This event will be highlighted by participating classrooms parading from Bessie up Cleveland to seventh, south on Seventh to walk across the “Stars Sidewalk” turning and returning the same route.  Balloons, posters, signs and fun will help us let the people know they are building our school.  

There will also be a “Grand Opening Ceremony” in the new school and we decided that the children, as much a possible, should be involved in this event and that we will work to assure the children's involvement. 

The traffic calming and school traffic safety petition has been assisted by NBC.  The petitions will be turned over to Pi Ra Monday.